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Are you looking to buy LDPE film scrap? Or are you looking to sell LDPE film scrap? Buy or sell LDPE film scrap can be time consuming, let others do the work for you! Leading Trading is a company based in The Netherlands that intends to connect buyers and sellers of Low Density Polyethylene Film (LDPE) and granules. This can be traders, but also recyclers or factories demanding raw materials.

Feel free to send us your inquiry and we will do our best to connect you with the best possible available partner. Can LDPE film be recycled? Yes it can! Because there is oil used in the fabrication process this LDPE film scrap is a very good material for recycling purposes. So what are we exactly looking for? To start with, we are aiming for LDPE film scrap in bales and big bags of granules as a result LDPE film recycling process.

LDPE film scrap quality 98/2

Within the LDPE film scrap recycling business there are multiple grades of quality, and even in the quality 98/2 we consider two different grades of quality. Namely as an industrial source, and as a commercial source.

LDPE 98/2 industrial

This quality contains 2% contamination with regards to dirt, ink used for printing, labels, other colours and moist. Industrial quality means large pieces of film and is of the highest quality within this segment. As there are more larger pieces that originate from the same source, there is usually less deviation in colours.

LDPE 98/2 commercial

Commercial source plastics often consist of smaller pieces as opposed to its industrial source counterpart. Usually this contains more contamination like labels, ink, stickers and slightly more colour differences. This is because the plastics originate from multiple different sources combined and compressed into bales.

LDPE film scrap quality 99/1

99/1 quality can be seen as the highest quality in recyclable plastics and consists of near 100%  transparent ldpe film. Although there is a 100/0 class as well, this doesn’t get offered in the market very much.

LDPE 99/1 industrial

In this quality class of 99/1 there is an average of 1% contamination. This grade of quality originating from an industrial source are more valuable to recyclers as the granules at the end of the recycling process are of the highest quality. This means they will be more valuable to manufacturers willing to produce new products out of it.

LDPE 99/1 commercial

For the 99/1 commercial class basically goes the same story as for the 98/2 with commercial source. The compressed bales are made of plastics originating from multiple sources and therefore often contain slight colour deviations, meaning a slightly less pure granulate at the of the process.

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