About Leading Trading

An introduction to Leading Trading

First let us introduce ourselves, we are Jeoffrey Eigeman and Tuncay Yildiz. Both of us run our own company, a webdesign agency for Jeoffrey and a car garage for Tuncay. Somewhere in 2018 we got into talks about starting a plastic waste trading company as there are huge amounts of plastic and only a fraction gets recycled to new raw materials. Another important argument was that searching for a buyer or seller can be quite a time consuming process. We wanted to contribute to the circular economy by introducing a more efficient way of matching buyers to sellers and vice versa. And so Jeoffrey went to classes to obtain the necessary VIHB license. The VIHB license is in and the website is online. Let’s do business!

Where our clients and partners come from

Our clients are situated in the Netherlands, but not limited to. You can find our clients in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal as well as in Turkey. Because trust is an important factor, we prefer to work with clients within a reasonable distance to visit each other if preferred or necessary.

Quality guidelines

Leading Trading is an officially registered VIHB organisation and is by Dutch law allowed to work in the recycling industry. We follow strict rules and only work with trusted LDPE film scrap suppliers or any other businesses involved in the recycling market. This gives you as potential client of Leading Trading the guarantee that you work with a professional company.

Local processing of waste plastics

The ever evolving rules become more and more strict in regards to the export of plastics to India, Thailand and Malaysia. We need to find a way to process more plastics locally, instead of exporting them to these countries. Are you a processor or do you own an LDPE film recycling or washing machine? Feel free to connect with us for a cup of coffee!

Preferred suppliers and partners

Do you wish to become one of our preferred suppliers or partners? For example to take care of shipping and customs? We are always on the look for quality partners and would love to meet you to discuss ways of working together.

I want to buy

Take advantage of our service to match and connect buyers and sellers in the LDPE recycling industry

I want to sell

Let other people work for you. We will try to connect you to a buyer.